In India , people have a tendency of simply following what natives of other countries do. For example, the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Our country has it’s own set of problems , and this year we decided to do our bit by helping those who suffer from the lack of nutrition.


This event was held on 5th October 2014 at Vaishtnavi Royale Apartments where I live. I had taken permission from the apartment committee to go forward with this event. The residents were very pleased on knowing about such a noble cause and they all extended their full support. Fliers of the event were put up on each floor and I also went door to door to inform the residents about the event and it’s significance.

Every resident of my apartment complex did their bit by giving atleast a packet of rice. We had someone who donated a big sack containing 25kgs of rice , 5kgs of sugar and 2 litres of oil. I was happy to see the response that this event garnered. The world is a kind and giving place after all. At the end of the event Ashok and Sunil helped me transport all the rice to the Yuva office. Not just the residents of my apartment, but a lot of other YGF Volunteers also came forward to donate rice.

The large amount of rice that we collected was distributed to two needy centres, namely Manovikasa Kendra and Government High School at A.G.S.Layout.

Small acts of kindness most definitely speak a million words.

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