Yuva Valentine’s Day – 2015

Come Valentine’s Day, towns and cities are literally painted red. People look forward to proclaiming their love for their special ones. But YGF takes a different route on V-Day. This year too, like in the past, YGF decided to spread the love and joy amongst those people who deserve it a little more than everyone else. The change agents and members of Yuva Global Foundation decided to celebrate the day of love at Snehadaan Home Care for HIV+ve children.

As a student I have often heard people saying “Get inspired by someone but do not be just like them” This held good for me until 14th February 2015.

Seldom in our journey of life do we come across a person or a bunch (a rather large one in this context) of people who inspire us within a few moments of meeting them.

YGF gave us volunteers the unique opportunity to witness and be part of an experience that will last us a lifetime.Yuva Valentine's Day 2015

Our first task as volunteers was to set the stage for the big evening. All of us blew up red and white heart shaped balloons, hung them around and decorated the stage area that was let out to us. Since we reached our destination at around snack time we thought treating the children to some yummy snacks would be a good idea. The children were very well mannered and they were seated in the dining hall in such a disciplined arrangement. The tiny tots were treated to samosas and chikki (sweet made of groundnuts). Every child uttered the magic words “Thank you” after being handed a plate of food. Their politeness impresses us all.

Post snacks, the children were divided into groups of 10 escorted by two volunteers. The little ones seemed to be extremely excited about the evening. They were all brimming with unparalleled amounts of energy. Every time a child smiled, we could feel their heart smile through their eyes and their soul smile through their heart. They were smart and witty and spoke impeccable English and Kannada. I use an app called Dictionary.com and on Valentine’s Day their “word-of-the-day” was “Pigsney” which means a darling. After meeting the bunch of effulgent young ones, I couldn’t help but call every single one of them a Pigsney.

Yuva Valentine's Day 2015After having an informal playful time with the kids we decided to proceed with the Magic Show to be conducted by Mr.Amarnath .The experienced thaumaturge left no stone unturned in keeping the children engrossed in his alluring magical acts. The children were so smart, that they even tried analyzing a few of the acts put up by him. The children and the volunteers played a good sport the whole time.

Next up was dancing time. The children were like a house on fire. Every child swayed to the music and danced in groups. Lungi Dance continues to be a favourite dance number even amongst the kids. The children were all high spirited and the energy in that room was great. What is a celebration without some good old cake huh? The youngest children from the lot, Shruthi and Kaveri were called to cut the cake along with Mr.Kiran Sagar and Ms. Shwetha Rao.

Yuva Valentine's Day 2015

The little girls were overwhelmed. I cannot explain the surge of amusement that I saw on their face at that very moment. They were brimming with happiness. Along with the sparkles in the candles we could see twinkles in their little eyes. This particular moment brought tears to my eyes.

Yuva Valentine's Day 2015There was another young child in the lot, a child so young at heart that he surpasses everyone else’s spirit. The child we’re talking about is Palyam Ramesh Sir. He had come prepared with an entertaining act of his own that involved dance and props fitted with a variety of LED lights. The children were enthralled by this too. Listening to them laugh and giggle gave us all a feeling a satisfaction.

The management and staff of Snehadaan Care Home were very cooperative through the entire event . We must say they are the ones that have contributed to the disciplined upbringing of these children. We went to the classrooms and scanned the dormitories from outside and both were equally organized.

Yuva Valentine's Day 2015Towards the end of the event , gifts (colouring books) were distributed to all the children. Children need love and they need to be made aware of it, more importantly. The bunch of kids at the care home are few of the most friendly ones we’ve met till date. Their charm and enthusiasm blew our minds. We couldn’t help but smile and succumb to their infectious charisma.

We wound up the event by around 7pm. The children bid us goodbye and marched towards their dorms. This was succeeded by the YGF photo session.

Yuva Valentine's Day 2015The photo sessions and the smiles we display in the pictures are usually an indication that the event was a hit, it reflects our immense gratification after a successful event.

There is no greater joy than the joy of giving, give a little love,give a little hope, there is always a better tomorrow for everyone.

The children at Snehadaan Care Home might be HIV+ve but their attitude towards life isn’t negative. Each of them exudes positivity to the T. One look into their eyes and we know for a fact that they are satisfied with their lives and the people around them. They thanked us with their special thanks that their “ma’am” taught them.

They say all good things come to an end and this eventful day came to an end too. With a heavy heart we bid everyone goodbye only to promise ourselves that we would this place again with a new agenda.

While we try to teach children all about life,

The children teach us what life is all about in just a few hours..

We a need to give every child a conscious understanding of how powerful and important and valuable and perfect he/she is.

Special thanks to Sneha Gopal for leading the event, Sujay for organizing the music ,Jayanth for handling the camera, all the volunteers for lending a helping hand wherever needed.

Last but not the least this wouldn’t have been possible without Kiran and Shwetha. A heartfelt thank you to Palyam Sir, for keeping the child in us alive and kicking.

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