JOY OF GIVING – Sapling Distribution

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” – Rabindranath Tagore

This time around YGF and it’s volunteers made a choice to venture into the field of nature and environment. We thsderefore chose to distribute free medicinal saplings at different locations in Bangalore like Sankey Tank , JP Park etc. Our volunteers put in a lot of effort to get permission from the officials of the respective parks , to go to nurseries and get the saplings and finally to distribute these saplings early in the morning on a holiday.

On the day of the event there was a good turnout of volunteers. Around 100 saplings were distributed at the locations and it looked like the running, jogging and walking public were very impressed with this out of the box idea of spreading joy. The volunteers were applauded and congratulated for being a part of such an innovative initiative. We hope we inspired a few people to walk towards nurturing nature in the tiniest possible way.

sp3Our volunteer Girish says “This was our first event and we started joy of giving with a bang .This in my opinion is a super success. Given that we decided to do it every month, it is going to be amazing. This was the first of its kind for me in Yuva and was happy to see direct and good response from the beneficiaries and those who supported us (JP Park officials)”.

Another one of our volunteers, Sneha had to say “It was my first event at YUVA Joy of Giving. Felt the joy of doing something for the nature which has given us everything. A completely different experience compared to participating in the events. Got to meet many people, got very nice response from the people for our initiative of Green Bangalore”.



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