I have never gotten to do before

As part of the Health and Hygiene campaign, I went to different government schools to conduct a short hour-long presentation on the the topic ‘Health and Cleanliness’, explaining its need to the students, the vital role that cleanliness plays in our lives as well as what impact it could have in the future. The PowerPoint Presentation I made, was for students of 7th Std. Apart from this I also created my Icare page in order to share the objectives of this campaign as well as help raise funds for the Hygiene kits that we distributed to the children after conducting the seminar. These Hygiene kits costing Rs.50/- each consisted of basic requirements like a tooth paste, a toothbrush, hair oil, a comb and a soap.


As a BBA student of Christ University, this is something I have never gotten to do before. When we first entered the schools, students were curious to know about what we had to say to them. This was something unexpected as one would assume students of that age to usually be restless and impatient and always fidgety. But in reality, the students of these schools were more than eager to receive knowledge, whatever be the topic. When we started out presentation, the students were attentive throughout and the pictures and videos made them actively participate as well. What I drew as a conclusion was that there is a constant need of implementation of these activities. Just creating awareness about an issue, as important as ‘Health and Cleanliness’ is something that would not prove to be thoroughly efficient in the long run. The children were all ears open throughout the presentation and most of them knew exactly what we were talking about. The constant participation and enthusiasm kept us encouraged and upright throughout the seminar. In every school we went to, students would look at us carrying huge bags and gadgets with us and would immediately volunteer to help us carry them for us and also assist us in setting up the projector on the screen. At the end of the presentation, when we distributed the kits, most students would stand up to thank us while receiving the kits and showcase a broad smile, which was the force that drove us to go to more such schools. On the whole it was a one of a kind experience that ended up teaching me more, in the process of teaching these young determined students!

YUVA, an organization primarily focused towards issues concerned with government schools and education has recognized this need that many would usually bypass as insignificant, the very need for BASIC HEALTH AND CLEANLINESS, that in the future could help young minds such as these grow in to stronger, healthier and more efficient individuals. YUVA aims to build a clean, disease-free India by targeting these unnoticed sectors one by one, quoting ‘We will take India forward’. Working with YUVA was wonderful and I wish them all the very best for all their endeavors!

Anmol S Kalro


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