Youth Empowerment Skills Workshop

Yuva Global Foundation, G Kiran Sagar – Founder & Managing Trustee conducted Lead India -Youth Empowerment Skills Workshop for students of Soundarya Institute of Management College, Bangalore.From 4th – 7th July 2016.
During the 3 day workshop, participated by a 453 students(3 Batch ), 18 hours committed sessions with interactive lectures on Goal Setting and mind management, were key features.
The speaker of the sessions, Kiran Sagar, focused on the state of mind of youth and how to handle emotional stress and skills required for the success of human beings. He motivated students that better living is the blessed one. According to him success in life depends upon one’s attitude and enthusiasm. He also stressed upon importance of concentration in studies. With the help of certain games, he checked the concentration level of students.
In his subsequent sessions, he interacted with the students and informed them about soft skills and domain knowledge. He made them aware of the importance of these two skills in becoming a successful person. He also stressed that it is important to be happy before rather than being successful.

Sunil B Vijayakumar, chief coordinator for Yuva Global Foundation for youth courses, coordinated the program.

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