Sew A Future – Happy Women’s Day

Women's Empowerment - Women's Day

Women’s Empowerment – Women’s Day

“We saw that smile on the lank face of this young woman Mrs. Swetha of age 22, which we had never expected while driving our vehicles on a hazy Sunday making our ways to a nondescript remote village in Magadi taluk.” It was 8th of March, when the world celebrates this day for Women and her Empowerment. Discussing such relevant things our Yuva team reached the place of this young rural woman.

But for a few moments we were quite displeased with the sight of this young woman who was also a mother of two little ones and her condition of course, which reminded us of many such female across the length and breadth of the country who struggle hard to earn bread and butter and have to face many odds to support their livelihoods. This woman definitely needs accolades for her unselfish efforts to raise her children amidst poor financial conditions being betrayed by her so-called husband.

A diversified nation which has witnessed the strength, bravery and achievements of women from the pages of history centuries ago to this day where she rules the space and dare to dream big standing shoulder to shoulder, establishing herself with men striding towards advancement and prosperity in all walks of life.

But what about this lady we came across and many such women in our society, where joy and happiness are just peppered in their tragic filled lives, with girth of their sorrow increasing day by day.

Our team from Yuva Global Foundation, hoping to scoop out at least a meager amount of grieves from her living and expecting a reform in her livelihood. We made an attempt to know her as a woman born and brought up in the family of a poor background, tilling fields under the sun for sustenance. She now resides in a small house, with her two innocent kids, her parents and elderly grandparents, after parting her ways from a feckless husband few years ago.

We at Yuva Global Foundation decided to aid her by providing a sewing machine, after getting to know from her that she has been trained with the same under a government scheme and skilled in tailoring and how helpful will it be for her to own a machine. Realizing the positive difference it could make in her home, we assured her to get a one and Yes, this promise was not only an assurance that stayed on our lips. But to her surprise, we handed over the machine to her which could stitch the fabric of her life.

As expected, this surely brought an optimistic smile on this wizened face of her and of course on our faces too. Hoping this will make her life little better. This is an incidence we came across in our journey, but there are many such poor lives around us who need attention and concern from many caring hands.

Women's Empowerment

A hand that rocks the cradle and brings up a life, can rock the world too. The legs that stand in the kitchen, can step up boldly to achieve the excellence and glory in the world obsessed with male domination. On this occasion we determine ourselves to strive in the direction of relieving many such innocent lives engulfed in the shackles of oppression and give them necessary space to shrug off the fear in them and exist. Why not we work together, to fade out this gender disparity and make a woman break all the moulds and recast her as a stronger gender.


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