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Joy of Giving - 2014

Joy of Giving – 2014

This event was held on 6th October 2014. The objective of this event was to distribute tea and biscuits to all those people who deliver newspapers at our doorstep early in the morning every single day without fail. The volunteers involved in this event were : Ashok, Jayanth , Girish, Ravindra and Sunil.

Our volunteers were ready with biscuit packets, milk, cups and one big flask on the day before the event. Our very own Kiran Sir took on the task of preparing piping hot tea for the vendors. The volunteers were ready by 5:00 am.

Our star volunteer CPJ3Sunil said “First we started from Seshadripuram circle where people were busy arranging the newspapers. We approached them and when we told them about YGF and the event they were very happy and accepted the tea and biscuits. Then we came to office and took tea for the second time and went to Malleswaram circle. There too people were immensely happy upon being offered Chai and biscuits. Many people asked about our Organization and appreciated the good work done by the team. We distributed tea and biscuits for around 100 people.

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